Monday, January 08, 2007

Buff Ruff

Here is the final boss of the Pluto Level for Chicken Little 2.
Buff Ruff is a good guy but he lost control of his tank. You have to stop the tank without hurting him, as he is trapped inside.
All designed and painted by me.

Early sketches. We were thinking of something similar to a floating prison tower:

Final Painting:



Scandalous said...

The final design on this one turned out great--good proportions, good shapes, good silhouette. And, of course, the color makes it all the better!

The "Extreme Close-up" image is fun. Well cropped--even if it is just a detail enhancer for the published blog.

Keep putting your stuff up. There's more, lots more!

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog through your Ani's blog comment.
Your work is nice.
Good job.

Patrick said...

Great sketches and paintings! Your blog is a great source of inspiration!!!

Anders said...

waow Seb, how can you be more impressive at each new post???
have you a secret??

huge job, words are missing, we are miles away from that boring secret works you've done months ago ^^ (une certaine porte! ^^)

Tim Bye said...

Wowzers! This is amazing! What type of size do you work at for an image like this?! Did I mention wow?!

Anonymous said...

Punaise!!! Mais c'est Génialissime!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Lubbers said...

Very nice Seb. Love the colors especially and the attention to detail.
P.S. How did you get the new banner in there? It's great!

LDahl said...

Beautiful! From start to finish.
Yes, please tell about the banner?! Where does it go in the html?
Also, what monitor do you use? I need to get a new one, so I'm asking for opinions and help:)

Unknown said...

Very nice painting and concept altogether.

Sebastien Gallego said...

Thanks guys!!

P. Ledroit: Where can I find your blog? Do you have one? Thanks for stopping by!

Patrick: Wouah! I'm flattered and truly surprise to hear that I can inspire somebody! That's a great compliment.

Anders: You are the man!! Thanks for your support. I'll write you back soon!

Tim Bye: This one was made at 3000 by 2300. Usually I'm working around 3000 and 2000 depending on the picture.

Adrian And ldahl: That was a real pain to find the right place for this banner!! I will have to look into it to find it again. I'll get back to you tomorrow.

See you guys later,
Have a good day!