Monday, February 05, 2007

Mole Tank for Moon Level

Hello everybody!
One week without post... that's not good!
I'll try to be better this week. :)
Thank you very much for all your comments! It really gives me the confidence to move on.
Here is another enemy for CL2. I didn't have time to finish the painting the way I wanted (especially the "legs") but I still like the design.
Please feel free to give me suggestions for any posts. I really want to get better.
Have a good day everybody!

7 comments: said...

Sebastien!! You are so creative! I love your ideas and your art looks so good! Excellent craftsmanship. You're the coolest.

Tim Bye said...

Great stuff Sebastien! I love the textures! fab

Anders said...

hey! je commençais à plus y croire!! lol
bon, comme d'habitude, t'es le meilleur quoi...
(ça en deviendrais presque lassant! lol)
tu as abandonné tes 30 minutes paintings?

take care my friend

sarah said...

You have such a strong sense of light and shape. It IS a cool design :)

Adrian Lubbers said...

Get better? How am ever going to catch up to you if you get any better? Your stuff is awesome. I was just going to say how I love the way you light things, but Sarah beat me to it.

Marco Bucci said...

nice one! I never feel like I have the ability to critique something quickly and effectively by myself...sorry man! Love the environment design below too.

glorifiedg said...

The only suggestion I can offer is this: keep 'em comin'.