Friday, May 11, 2007

Stanley again...

... if he had turned into a nice guy ... like a Pizza Boy! :)


Mike Boldt said...

I love the shirt with the cool pizza logo! It made me wish there was a Pompeii Pizza in my home town. Probably nice and spicy too.

The characters are awesome again - as per usual. Were these designs just for kicks?

I really need to see this movie.


ps. Painter 9 eh, thanks for the reply. I am still trying to learn that program. What are your favorite meduims to use in it?

Anders said...

Hey Seb, impressive last posts, I especially dig your Ant city concept sketches!!!
you still rock, bro'!!!
et merci pour ton support!!!
j'espère que tout va bien pour toi aussi, j'ai plus trop de nouvelles!!!

Chris Dainty, Rita Street said...

haha those are awesome. Really cool character design!


Your drawings and paintings are beautiful. Im very glad I came across your blog.