Monday, November 12, 2007

Business Card

Well well well.
I'm not much of a Graphic Designer. So when the time comes to make my own business card, things get complicated. I really don't know if this is working, so please give me some feedback! Please!!

Ps: Just for the exercise, I put fake info so don't send me chocolate at this address or I'll never receive it!


Jennifer said...

well I'm not a graphic designer either so I can't really give you that kind of feedback, but I will tell you that it rocks and I like it. :)

Anders said...

hey Seb, super cette carte!!

(si je puisme permettre un petit conseil, c'est de bien faire ressortir ton nom, vu que c'est bien l'information principale )

voilà voilà
sinon, you rock! as usual!

Federico said...

it rocks!! the character explains immediately your design style (i would recognize it). maybe maybe maybe you could try this: to put as background one of your speedpaintings, or an envrionement, a little blurred... i don't know, probabily the card would result too chaotic, but you could try, it'd show another face of your skills :)

Khasis Lieb said...

bon apparement je peux ecrire en francais ^^

du coup, moi je te dirai de simplifier ta typo (d'en faire un bloc plutot que chaques lignes parte dans un sens different, ca sera plus joli et "pro")

et personnelemtn je reduirai ton nom, l'info principale n'est pas ton nom mais ton style, ce n'est pas une affiche on ne doit pas voir ton nom de loin vu qu'on a la carte dans la main.
ca donnera plus de presence et d'importance a ton visuel qui est tres bien et qui suffit a te "vendre".

voila les conseils d'un graphiste
ceci est mon premier post donc j'en profite pour te un grand bravo pour ton travail ^^

Jörn said...

It looks really good and shows your style. If this business card got about 2.2 x 3.5 inches i would alter one thing: The most important information on this card is your phonenumber and your mail, so i would make them more conspicuous or bigger.

Jamin LeFave said...

For what it is worth, her is my two cents. I like how you cropped the ship and I like the color contrast of the ship and the blue thing. I am not sure what the blue thing is, so it is it a bit distracting. I like the font tilted at an angle, but it doesn't seem to relate with your name and title. If you tilted those slightly it may help, and not tilting the contact info so much. For what its worth.

Anonymous said...

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Perrotta said...

Ur blog is wonderful! I am completely speechless, I hope you won't mind if I add you among my links...

Brian said...

Cheers Sebastien
Good start on the business card.

Some thoughts on it.
The font is too basic and boring. Try some more interesting and make sure it reads well small.

I think your robot image can be smaller. It comes too close to the top of the card.

I can understand your idea of angling the type from the mouth. Making them horizontal is easier to read and less distracting.

Leave out your address, you don't need that.
List your blog address on the card

Try a few more background colors. I feel the warm image and the cool background is not harmonious together.

One idea is to have separate cards with different images. One for concept work and another for illustration.

Keep up the wonderful work, I'll be back.

Lino said...

I like your business card, Sebastien. It took my attention when saw it. It is different from many others normal cards.

Anonymous said...

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Lena said...

Greetings Sebastien!
All is very interesting!
I wish good luck!