Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I wanted to apologize to all of you guys for the lack of communication: I'm very busy with various projects and I don't have the time to answer your very nice comments. But I wanted to tell you that they are much appreciated! I'm hoping to come back to a normal communication eventually.
But there's something I can still do though: POST!

Ps: My good friend and very talented artist Tom help me with all the signs that were actually blinking on that picture. The final result was pretty fun to watch.


Tom Scholes said...


You know I still haven't seen this in action dude!

Tom Scholes said...
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Anders said...

aaah Seb, tu me fais voyager sans bouger de ma chaise!! lol
et bravo bien sur!

Marco Bucci said...

wow, COOL man!

- said...

ive been recently there.. you got the right mood ! =D