Thursday, January 03, 2008


Back to blogging after a great, long and restful Christmas break. I hope yours was as good as mine!
This year, I wanted to give a more original present than usual to my wife Tanya. So I made her a portrait of our little boy, Thomas, 18 months and a portrait of her in a 1920's setting. I didn't have time to finish hers for Christmas but here it is, still unfinished. I really enjoyed making these portraits and I thought I could make them for people out there. I could put any settings you want or extra props etc... just to make it more personal and original. I don't know how much I'll charge yet but I'll think about it.
So if you are interested, let me know:

Happy New Year everybody!!


Thomas, 1 and 1/2

Thomas and his favorite show: Nemo!

Tanya in the 20's


Dillon Thompson said...

Very nice. You have a very happy pizza eating child. Mabie you could come visit more often. NO?

Stephen Eusebio said...

Simply amazing.


Dave McClellan said...

I like the abstraction of the pizza shapes. But you already knew that.

Lino said...

Oh boy, great portraits! Colors and light gradations are PERFECT.

Her portrait is amazing! How big is it (pixels), how long it took?


Nacho Molina said...

I really like it... the boy its very xpresive

Jennifer said...

That's pretty cool!

Tim Bye said...

These are great - really impressive stuff!

Sebastien Gallego said...

Thank you very much everyone!


Thomas's picture is 2000 by 1747 pixels and took probably around 5 to 6 hours to make and tanya's is 3000 by 1538 and took 4 hours so far.

Brian Cutler said...

These look great, Seb. You really nailed the likeness on both your son and your wife's portraits.

Kevin Keele said...

These are great, nice work Seb.

Nathan Lindsay said...

these turned out great seb. love the nemos.

d3myz said...

WOW, That's Amazing dude