Monday, February 25, 2008

New Painting Exercise

Hello everybody,

I don't have a lot of time for my blog lately. But a lot of cool things are on the way! Here is the new excercise my buddies at Avalanche and I started during our lunch break: copying a painting in an hour (no color picking allowed).

Fun, fun!

We started with a painting of one of my favorite painter Alex Kanevsky

Here is the original by Monsieur Kanevsky:

copyright Alex Kanevski

And here is mine:

I didn't care much about the drawing. I tried to concentrate on colors and values instead.


Anders said...

this is a very interesting exercise Seb!! and you did it perfectly in such a short time...
and thanks a lot for the discovery of Alex Kanevsky!

Sébi said...

Oui c'est super, mais pourquoi ne pas en avoir profité pour relever la jupe davantage ?

Aro said...

Great piece, I love how you put down the colors...They look great.

justin said...

great job! i need to loosen up, verry glad to discover mr.kanevsky