Friday, January 07, 2011


Starting in January 2008, I had the privilege to work as Concept Lead over Toy Story 3, the video game. This has been a great great experience for me and the chance to learn a lot of new things, from a concept perspective but also on art direction. We created over 3,000 pieces of concept, designing new toys, new environments, objects, vehicles, UI etc... 1,286 of them got approved.
It was a fantastic two and a half years project to be on and working with Pixar (my heroes) was a blast.
Here is the first piece of concept I did for the project and the first time John Lasseter saw my work.

John Lasseter! THE John Lasseter! And he LIKED it!!

One of the best moment of my career.

John Lasseter...

All right, I stop geeking now.

Happy new year friends!



Aaron Ludwig said...

I'd be geeking out too!

Heather Dixon said...

That's so awesome! And you totally deserve it, too. Your stuff is amazing.

I loved the art in Toy Story 3! It was great.

Sebastien Gallego said...

Thanks Heather! What are you up to these days?