Friday, March 02, 2012


One night, I had this dream that my team of concept artists was attacked by an evil red eyed robot. The whole office turned into a gloomy green color. Everybody started crying like babies. Then I woke up.

I told my dream to the guys in the morning. Matt Armstrong drew this a few minutes later. He added a cool end to the story: me destroying the evil robot of doom with my laser saber!

How cool is that!?

Another portrait of me by Matthew, on the shoulder of a huge Robot this time (Matt likes Robots A LOT)

And another quick sketch of me during a meeting by the very talented Jason Kim

I just love the guys I work with

And not only because they draw pictures of me as a super hero! :)

Working with people you love and respect is priceless!


Simini said...

hahahaha. excellent.

Unknown said...

You are my hero :) that's the way you should be drawn....period

Kendall Hale said...

Hey - I'm one of the students that came to Avalanche with Justin yesterday. Thanks again for the presentation!