Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brush Experiment

Hello everybody!

So here it is, I'm finally doing it! After years of using Painter, I've decided to give Photoshop a real try. This piece started as a brush experiment/emulation study using one of Aurelie Neyret's marvelous illustration (Aurelie, tu es fantastique!) and it evolved into a quick illustration.

I'm liking Photoshop so far! Nice textural brushes. I'll keep using it.


Simini said...

Yay photoshop! Cool, Seb.

kwistin said...

what simini said!

fun line quality; was it sketched/inked in photoshop as well?

Unknown said...
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Sebastien Gallego said...

Kristin, yes, it was sketched in photoshop as well using a brush Simini gave me, called "Comte". Actually, all the brushes used there are Simini's! Thanks Simini! I love them all :)