Thursday, December 21, 2006

Invitation to the 30 mins painting exercise

It seems like a few people might be interested in starting these 30 minutes paintings with us. Obviously, everybody is invited!
I started this exercise last week for myself and quickly invited Oliver Chipping and Jason Scanlon to join me. I made a few rules that I think keep the essence of the exercise (which is some kind of "Digital Alla Prima"). I invite you to follow them so that we can compare our paintings knowing that they are done following the same restrictions.
You'll see, this exercise is really addictive!!

Here are the rules:

- use a picture as reference or if you are lucky enough to have a laptop, do it from life.
- make it in 30 minutes or less
- never use the dropper tool to pick up the colors directly from the picture
- use only ONE layer
- keep the picture under 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels (I guess this rule is not that important, the idea is to keep it small)

Have fun and remember: 30 mins, not 32!!! :) It's harder to stop than you think!

I'm excited to see what you guys will come up with.


Anders said...

uhuhuh, an ivitation...
I sadly don't have the 30 minutes required Seb... snif...

quand je sortirais un peu la tête de l'eau, je m'essayerais à ton super exercice... pendant les fêtes tiens!

en tout cas, j'espère que tu vas mieux!!

Scandalous said...

bring it on, laddies!

LDahl said...

I've accepted your invitation... It's fun, and harder than one would think.
It's a really good idea!!
Thanks for the invite!

Marco Bucci said...

Good idea. I'll have to contribute to this soon (probably next month :(
Nice paintings below!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

sounds like fun!

woody_germ said...

I finally did a couple, they both look like pixel vomit, but hey I'm seeing some improvement:)