Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Project

I started working on a new comic book with a really talented friend of mine, Loic Nicoloff. It's going to be pretty short, 4 pages only. Loic is working on the story right now. I invite you to go check out his website (there is a English version too). Lots of cool stuff!

It's a fairly new project so I can't say much but here are the first character explorations.


Anders said...

Yeah Seb!!
At least you show some secret stuffs!! ;-)
I really dig your Madone! she's so gorgeous! LOL
great job as always, you'll never stop surprising me with your great talent!!!
I can't wait to read this!!!

Oliver Chipping said...

Yep I agree - thats one great looking scary aristocrat/lunchlady woman!
It's great to see you doing some good graphic novel work again lately.