Monday, March 12, 2007

3/4 map

Here is an example of a game area layout. This is not my specialty but I still like doing it from time to time. It forces me to work on my perspective skills, which I struggled with (as you can see on the picture below! :) )


Tim Bye said...

Looks great!

benjamin trobat -cartoonist- said...

este es un muy buen trabajo sebastian!! felicitaciones
gran perspectiva, benja!

Anders said...

hey hey, another 30 minutes painting!!
wow, I did'nt expect such beautiful landscapes in Utah!! ;-)

great job Seb, you rule, Bro'

Joe said...

I always liked this one.

RoB said...

Just insane! Awesome perspective! Great composition! Wonderful shapes! Just AMAZING!


Mike Boldt said...

I think your perspective is great as is the drawing and layout. My favorite part are the half circle space ships, the remind me of chickens for some reason. Headless chickens that fly! Great!


Adrian Lubbers said...

Perspective.We don't need no stinkin' perspective.
Awesome as usaul Mang!

Jose Ramos said...

Great Blog Sebastian , and awesome colours , i hope that don´t care that I linked you in my blog , i hope you will come over there

congratulations again!

Sebastien Gallego said...

Thanks guys!

Benjatoon: I don't speak spanich but a friend of mine translated for me! :) Thanks for coming!

Anders: Ouais, j'en suis pas mal fier pour 30 mins. :) L'utah te reserverait plein de surprises, crois moi! Faut que tu viennes un de ces quatre!

Sebastien Gallego said...

Jose: I don't mind it at all! Thanks! I'll go check your blog.

Anders said...

ok, j'arrive, le temps de faire le plein sur ma 4L, en partant ce soir, je suis là à Noel! lol


take care