Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello guys,

Long time no see!
Thank you very much for the comments and welcome to the new viewers! It's cool to see new faces. I'm glad you guys enjoy these CL2 pieces of concept. Speaking of which here is another one. The great Joe Olson drew this one and I painted it.
I will post more often this month than last month I promise, so keep coming! :)


Mark Behm said...

Cool color and all the little details in the metal bits and fx. I like the overall design as well. You folks must be busy too. Still...need more posts!

Anders said...

Don't worry Bro'!
I'll keep coming!!!
but keep posting ;-)
great painting as usual, you'll never stop to be my main influence in this field...
take care Bro'!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a rocket-launcher-juke-box. A vintage one.

Kevin Keele said...

Great rendering of a great design! Nice job Sebastien (and Joe).

Tim Bye said...