Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to CL2

CL2 early concept phase was really interesting. Here is a piece showing all the main characters in action. We were still trying to find the look and feel of the game at that point.


Anders said...

Sab, you're simply the greatest artist alive on this earth!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Before or after Uderzo ?

ACO said...

Salut! Very nice illustration Sebastien!
The characters seem very funny and the composition is really good :)
I´m amazed with your last paintings, you have a great talent

Sebastien Gallego said...

Cal: Thanks Cal! I'm really glad you came to visit. Have a great day!


> Before or after Uderzo?

LOL!! Bien bien loin apres!! :) Une chose est sur cependant: Anders is the nicest guy on the planet right now! :) Thanks for commenting guys!

Marco Bucci said...

amazingly cool stuff!
I love your sense of graphics.

Mike Boldt said...

Man that is an awesome sketch. It is just so well balanced and the alien getting kicked in the eye is so funny.

I really hope that you will do a color version with a tut ;)

Seeing work like this makes me realize there is so so so so so much for me to learn yet. It's inspiring.


Simon Scales said...

Really cool sketch.
Seeing this in color would be awesome. Keep em coming!!

Shawn Escott said...

Very cool! Is there a reason you are using blue pencils? Is this before you color a concept in?

RoB said...

The line quality is just AWESOME!


Oliver Chipping said...

YEP! I still like this one! glad to see you put it up on the blog. I love all the movement.

Jacob Hunter Black said...

This drawing makes me want to see the movie. It looks like a really good movie poster.