Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Hour Study

Thank you very much to everyone for your support and feedback. I'll probably go back to the Gangster illustration to change a few things. In the mid time, here is another lunch study. This one was very hard to paint: the color pallet is so different that what I'm use to and the values were really hard to get. I'm pretty satisfied with the result though.

original on the left of course


jeremy melton said...

Sharp. Good job man.

Unknown said...

nice stuff, i always love to come to your blog, always good stuff here! keep it up!

Unknown said...

your studies have been fantastic. Lovin the last post as well.

I wish I was half as talented as you.( And French )

Anders said...

ahah! not all french are talented like Seb, Fab.

this piece is fantastic Seb, you know what you can do for your old days, copyist or something! ^^