Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here it is! I reposted the last post with better res pictures.


LDahl said...

I've had a wonderful time exploring on your blog. I started at the beginning and read ever post and looked at every picture. Your talent is a delight!

Davide Rossetti Artworks said...

thanks for my visit my blog!!! i wanna post another pages in my blog!!
your art is very cool! great works!! yeah!!!
I'll come back here, for sure!!!

Sebastien Gallego said...


I can't wait to see that!

Anonymous said...

c'est génial!!!! Plein de bravos!!!
Je suis fan de ta technique de mise en couleur!! Bravo vraiment!!!
Un jour je t'embêterai pour des conseils! ^^

Sebastien Gallego said...

> Un jour je t'embêterai pour des conseils!

Quand tu veux Ingrid. Ce sera avec plaisir. Content que tu aimes!

JeN said...

Really nice work and thanks for posting on my blog. I love all of your paintings! Super good color and technique. Thanks for posting the process of the Sun King. It's always helpful to see how other people do things. Great work!