Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hi everybody,

Sorry, I didn't post for a while. I've been sick for nine days in row! A really bad flu. I feel much better right now and I'm ready to post again.

Here is a pic I've done for the Art Challenge we have from time to time at Avalanche Software (the video game company I work for). I invite you to go to the Avalanche blog we started. It's a lot of fun!

Just follow the link for more pics of "Lost"!


Mark Behm said...

Good to see new stuff. Nice one!

sarah said...

This rocks! I just saw it on your Avalanche blog, it's crazy impressive to me that all you crazy good artists work together. My goodness.

Nice take on Hurley too... he's definitely one of my favourite Lost characters. I'd want to draw him too :)


you guys are creating awesome work!!! love this one! ;)

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh . Nice one .