Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This is the first panel of a graphic novel I would like to finish one day. I'm pretty excited about the story. Now it's just a question of time! :)


Anders said...

Courage my friend!
don't worry, you're the greatest! that's why you'll do it, and do it sooo well!!
I'm curious to learn more about this project!
this drawing is great!! I dig the global mood of the scene.

take care Seb.

Dave Dick said...

Wow! Great detail and depth!

Anonymous said...

I sure could use a post to my blog...Your stuff is great, I just wanted to tag on to some great talent. I already have you linked.
Keep the great work coming.


aintshakespeare said...

It's a lovely little scene.

Tobias Schwarz said...

great stuff, love to see more of this project.

sylv1K said...

très très beau décor!!

dobby said...

amazing perspective!!

Sebastien Gallego said...

Thank you so much guys!
Have a great day!