Monday, June 04, 2007


What I like about being a concept artist is the variety of things you have to design every day from environments, characters, vehicles to objects, weapons and... haircuts ! :)

Here is another assigment I got:

"Seb, please design the Magnetiser"

"The Magnetis... what?"

"The Magnetiser! I don't know what it is, figure it out!"

"Euh...(french "hum") okay!"


Anders said...

this is the best Magnetiser I've ever seen Seb!!!^^
congratulations, bro'!

aintshakespeare said...

That is definitely the Magnetiser. Polarizing.

It's funny that a weapon can have character, but this one does. Good concept.

Anonymous said...

Very nice... but is it really supposed to be dangerous ?
(ça n'a rien à voir mais je t'ai envoyé trois ou quatre mails depuis avant ce WE ; l'un d'eux m'est revenu pour cause de chépakoi. As-tu reçu les autres ?)

Mike Boldt said...

Great design!

I really like the fact that the back is tapered a bit and not totally "square".

What does that huge switch do? Is this a two handed thing, or do you use your thumb?

Sebastien Gallego said...

Sebi: not really dangerous, it's a Disney video game you know! :)

Mike: Thanks! It's a two hands weapon, the second handle is on the side. And the switch... hum... you don't want to know, it's too scary! :)

Oliver Kurth said...

Haven't seen such a beautiful magnetiser for years! Very stylish. Does it ship with a holster?